Connection of DJ, saxophonist and violinist

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We are BURYSAX, the group of artists which put together the DJ performance and the sound of saxophone and violin.

Our musical project BURYSAX was established at the beginning of 2015. We created a combination which is unique in Czech Republic. Dj is performing together with musicians playing live on instrument.

Thanks to the variability of the group we can easily adjust clients requirements and ideas.

Every year we perform over 50 shows for Czech and international companies and corporations.

Our services



Who are our clients

BURYSAX production can make any event special. Please see the list of references of Czech and international clients below.

We are operating in Czech market and worldwide.


  • Amundi
  • NH Hotels
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Samsung
  • Škoda Auto
  • Drogerie DM
  • EON
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Konica Minolta
  • MOL
  • Notino
  • Porsche
  • NH Collection
  • Nestlé
  • Miele
  • BMW
  • Carollinum
  • Česká Spořitelna
  • CMSS
  • Edsystem
  • Gemo
  • Hastens
  • Kinnarps
  • KPMG
  • Maersk Group
  • Mastercard
  • VW Financial Services


  • I have been working with Lukas and his great team for many years. When they take part in our event it always has a great success whether it’s a corporate event, ball, party etc. The audience love their performance and the whole experience is one of our assurance of success.

    — Viktor Š.

  • Always well prepared and each performance is very professional delivered. I’ve worked with Lukáš Bury and his team for many years and they always made my life very easy. I’d highly recommend this crew to any person or company.

    — David Vaš

    Business Development Coordinator at Allen & Overy


  • Bury & DeeSaxx feat. Stella Tedesco & Shahan - Alone (Official Video)

  • BURY feat. Jana Veneckova - 3CHORDS (Instrumental version)

  • BURYSAX | Hudební vystoupení | DJ | Saxofonista | Houslistka | Soukromá akce

  • KVIFF 2019 Hudební vystoupení pro Rolls - Royce Prague

  • Firemní večírek

  • Siréna Party! EXCLUSIVE vol.26

  • Firemní akce

  • PRAGUE LOUNGE TRIO - Zpěvačka | Kytarista | Pianista (Next To Me)

  • BURYSAX | Hudební vystoupení | DJ | Saxofonista | Soukromá akce

What we need

The Dj technique is included.

We can manage small events with rented speakers. For big events we recommend to manage the sound by promoters.

Technical specifications

How to book us

If you are interested in our BURYSAX performance let us know one month before to book the date and see our availability. We are looking forward to be hearing from you soon.

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